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Gazelle Finance, launched in 2013 with Eurasia Foundation's support, targets high-growth SMEs in Eurasia. The 2017 closure of Gazelle Fund LP, totaling $31M, focuses on underserved SMEs with $200,000 to $1.0M in growth capital. Through income participation loans and equity investments, Gazelle Finance actively supports SMEs with high-growth potential, offering business development services to overcome growth barriers. The fund prioritizes diverse sectors and growth stages, fostering lasting partnerships for sustained expansion.
Our Mission
Our mission is to create a better financial future for capable entrepreneurs and communities they serve.
Our Vision
To serve those markets with populations of entrepreneurs who are underserved by the local capital markets, and then provide them with access to well - structured financial instruments and know how to enable their companies not to just grow, but achieve their ambitions to dominate their market segment.

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Our products are similar to private equity than bank financing, with terms appropriate for gazelles, including risk-sharing, performance-based features. Given our higher risk profile, we also expect higher returns.

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